#JUSTCLOSED# SOON REOPENS#The Gansevoort Market, a food hall worthy of a magazine


We are a far cry from mass food malls with McDonalds / KFC / Chinese and dubious take outs. And thankfully far from their abrassive neon lights.

The Gansevoort Market epitomises the current wave of conversions from old disafected hangars to chic, buzzing specialty market without snobbery. There are no mistakes at all. Everything is very well tought out. Even the “Toilet” sign is a must.

We pass from one stall to another, from one delight to another. If you like meatballs, go see “The meatball guys”. If you like pasta than go to Il Conte. Try everything. You can sample the world here !

There is a sitting area inspired by recycling/industrial/design style. Come out on weekends or early if you want to get a table. Or be prepared to fight for one…

Once you are settled, you will no longer want to move.


NEW LOCATION // in April 2016 // We’ll let you know :

353 West 14th St