Lower East Side lunch spot


LES in New York stands for Lower East Side. The rising neighborhood to the East of Nolita and to the Northeast of Chinatown.

Something amazing opens practically every day.

To grasp this neighborhood’s soul visit the Tennement Museum.

LES is truly authentic. We love not seeing international billboards. We love its crooked sidewalks, its super trendy window displays next to old, decrepit delis and candy shops. We love passing a bar to pet the cats like in Tokyo and then peering into a warehouse full of chinese workers running manic in all directions with trollies.

In the midst of all this chaotic life, one restaurant stands out, The Fat Radish. Ideal for lunch. Early birds get the prize: the table by the street where you can continue to be mesmerized by the stream of activity.

The Fat Radish is full? The street table is already taken? No worries. There is a very good Thai restaurant on the same side of the street heading toward Orchard Street.



17 Orchard Street

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