A restaurant with a view on Central Park

Robert’s . The restaurant on the top floor of MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) in Columbus Circle.

We do not necessarily like the decor.  A bit too modern “fuchsia / purple / turquoise” if you can imagine. But the view… Ah, the view is simply breathtaking. We see Central Park from its southeast corner, just above the treeline.

And New York is a city that makes you want to grab thousands of visual vignettes.

Those of Central Park, of course, but those of the yellow cabs that twirl around Colombus Circle when you look down.

This is a 4 season restaurant. Whatever the season, the mood changes: moving from a green carpet in Summer/Spring, yellow and orange in Fall, to a long white sheet in Winter.

We should almost come 4 times a year at Robert.

A little expensive, but that’s the price for the view, and it’s worth it.


2 Columbus Cir